Uwe Jarling

Uwe Jarling

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Username * UweJarling
Country * Germany
City 89257 Illertissen
Nationality German


Availability: Freelance
Website www.jarling-arts.com


Uwe Jarling was born in 1968. After graduating with a diploma degree in graphic design 1991 he worked as an illustrator and graphic designer further on. His first works were countless covers for videos, books, ... and many technical and architectural illustrations for advertising agencies.

An important step in his further development followed in 2000 where he started to develop his "Fantasy Artwork" more seriously and did his first attempts creating his art on a computer. Since 2003 almost all of his work is painted digitally for clients all over the world mainly in the Fantasy-Art genre.
Further on to ensure his living he currently works as a Graphic Designer in an advertising agency as well, but his main focus is creating Fantasy Art.


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